Day 48 – Magic!

Start: on a hilltop
Finish: Brush Mtn Ranch
Today’s miles: 50.6
Total miles: 1517.9
Splats: 0
Divide crossings: 0; 15 total
Wildlife: squished & painted snake

Today I rode a unicycle. It was hard. There were lots of Aspens. At some point I crossed into Colorado.

I struggled to stay upright as the day wore on me. My jellified legs were cramping and could barely support me to even walk. With about 10 miles left to reach my desired destination, I passed by the Brush Mountain Ranch. A woman called out so I stopped to chat. I had completely forgotten that at some point today I’d be passing a place offering lodging. I had never looked into it and didn’t know anything about it (though I now realize this is a place I’ve heard cyclists speak of). Kirsten navigated my delirious self to some shade and a chair, then fetched me a cold coke and pitcher of water. She said there was a cabin room available and that’d she’d be making dinner later. I’d really wanted to try to get those next ten miles in to be a little closer to town tomorrow, but really wasn’t sure I could make it, and real food was irresistible. To make sure I actually get going at decent time, I’m tenting outside rather than staying in the cabin. I thoroughly enjoyed a bowl of cherries, and some coffee (apparently Melanie had told Kirsten that she should offer me coffee) before sitting down to dinner with Kirsten, her dad, and her friend John. John lives in Steamboat and has offered me a place to crash tomorrow night which is awesome.

Kirsten has a the coffee machine ready to go for me in the morning. I’m looking forward to some good brew when I wake up!

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