Day 53 – Dragging on

Start: Blacktail Creek
Finish: Williams Fork Reservoir
Today’s miles: 39.8
Total miles: 1661.1
Splats: 0
Divide crossings: ; 15 total

Even though I thought the sun was shining, I had a hard time waking up this morning. Turns out the sun wasn’t shining, it was just bright out compared to yesterday. I was in a cloud and it was cold. There was frost on my unicycle seat.

Energy was lacking today and the miles just didn’t seem to go by. I started wondering how far away Boulder might be and how far off route I might be willing to ride to get there. One of my friends from my Pacific Crest Trail hike lives there and it’s also a town I’ve thought about moving to. A visit to Boulder might also allow me to see some friends from back home who now live in the Denver area. I schemed all morning.

Sometime in the middle of the afternoon, I moved into cell phone coverage. The first email I read was from Margaret, asking if her son might be able to ride with me a little bit the next day. The possibility of having some one wheeled company was exciting and I read on to discover that they were from Boulder.

By the end of the day, I could barely sit on the unicycle seat, let alone any kind of seat. I’m a bit concerned that my slight allergy to wool may not be compatible with my sheepskin seat cover. Enough said.



Day 53 – Dragging on — 1 Comment

  1. So fun to find your website. My dear friend, Beth, met you on the road today while she was biking (near breckenridge?) She sent me your website and was really excited about what you are doing. Keep on pressing on. God bless your journey!! Margie