Day 60 – Rolling once again

Start: Frisco, CO
Finish: hidden spot
Today’s miles: 44.2
Total miles: 1748.7
Splats: 1
Divide crossings: 1; 16 total

I’m back at it! After nearly a week of rest, I’m back on the muni heading south. This morning I relocated the point where I’d left the route, then rode back into Frisco and on to Breckenridge. I’ve been worrying about my right knee a little bit as it’s been hurting a bit when I try to stand up or use stairs. After it loosened up a little it was fine. My left knee on the other hand… Well, I’m not going to complain about it, yet. I’ll wait to see how it does tomorrow before whining about it.

I didn’t spend too much time in Breckenridge, though I was tempted. I ate a sandwich for a leisurely lunch (and coffee of course), then was on my way to climb the second highest pass of the trip and my 16th divide crossing, Boreas Pass. Some really dark clouds were approaching and there was occasional thunder. I began to wonder if I was being an idiot; maybe I shouldn’t be climbing to exposed areas at over 11,400 ft in a thunderstorm. I considered turning around and going back to town, but that would have been about 10 extra miles of riding, not to mention that I feel like I need to put in some miles after my vacation. I posted the debate to the facebook page, then saw some hikers approaching. I asked them about the exposure on the pass, and they also pointed out that the storm wasn’t so bad and was clearing out. They were right, and taking off my sunglasses helped me realize that. Sorry Breckenridge, I’ll have to check you out another time.

At the top of the pass was an old building. I believe it used to be a depot and post office. It’s opened to cross country skiers and snowshoers in the winter and said to be haunted. I met a girl at the top who was showing the cabin to her parents. She spent a night there while snowshoeing and confirmed that it is indeed haunted. I booked it down the mountain because I’m afraid of ghosts :)

I had one splat this afternoon. I’m not quite sure how it happened. I was riding along at a good clip and the next thing I knew, the unicycle was on the ground and I was running. My legs tried, but they just couldn’t keep up an down I went. After verifying no bones had broken, I looked up at the muni to see that it was bleeding. My 4 liter water bag had burst and was quickly loosing its contents. I frantically salvaged as much of it as I could.

It sprinkled on and off all afternoon, becoming heavier and steadier this evening. I was getting pretty concerned about finding a place to camp tonight, but found a place that would work just as it got dark. I’m feeling pretty lucky about that. Can’t tell you where I am though. One reason is because I don’t know and the other is because I’m probably not supposed to be here. Going to try to sneak out get out early tomorrow, but this rain is picking up and starting to seem like it could go all night. I have a new rule: if it’s raining, I go back to sleep. Actually, that’s not new, I’m just acknowledging it.

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