Days 55 to 60 – Boulder and Aspen

I’ve spent nearly a week off the route in Boulder and Aspen. It was a great vacation, but it’s about time I get back to pedaling, I suppose. It was really nice to reconnect with four of my old friends whom I haven’t seen in years and to make some new friends too! I even ran into some people in Aspen who happened to also be from Charlottesville and know my coworkers. Small world.

Soon after I arrived in Boulder, I came across some horrible news. One of my hiking family from the Appalachian Trail, Britanny, had been in a serious cycling accident and was in a hospital near Denver. Brittany was part of the group of hikers whom I hiked Maine and finished the Appalachian Trail with in 2004. I was able to get out to see her during one of my days off. I wish we could have been reuniting in the outdoors, but it made me happy to see her nonetheless. I was glad to see that she’s recovering well and that the accident didn’t affect her spirit or smile. A fund has been set up to help Brittany and her has been set up to help Brittany and her husband, Lee. Please help if you can.

After several days in Boulder, it was time to return to the trail. Speshul, Jesse and I headed out of Boulder for Frisco. They planned to continue on to Aspen for the night, and when they proposed that I might join them and return to Frisco on the way back, I accepted. It was precipitating a little.


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