Day 65 – Marshall Pass

Start: Salida, CO
End: west of Marshall Pass
Today’s miles: 31.0
Total miles: 1842.5
Splats: 0
Divide crossings: 1; 17 total

We all rolled out of Salida at various times this morning. Josh and Jenny caught up to me during my lunch break. We then headed up the remaining 3,000 or so feet to get up over Marshall Pass. Our paces were actually pretty similar; it was quite a treat to have others around, especially as it began storming. It rained hard for a little bit and hailed for a littler bit. With company, the storms aren’t as bad. I even broke out the GoPro camera and recorded some video. Josh also got some really cool slo-mo video of me mounting the unicycle precariously close to a steep drop. Tre had taken a more direct and difficult accent up the pass. His ride came with stories of sliding down head first, on his back down one of these steep side slopes. A tree stopped his descent.


We’re all in a beautiful campsite of aspen and pine tonight. We arrived at camp early (for me) and had lots of time to chat, eat, and even make a fire, a luxury I haven’t enjoyed since just befor Whitefish, MT. Tonight reminded me of being on the Appalachian Trail and has been one of my favorite nights/days of the ride.

Tonight was also the perfect night to sip on my Teeccino. After dinner I like to reflect over the day with a cup of the herbal coffee that Teeccino has supplied for the trip. This is often my favorite and most looked forward to part of the day. This evening I not only shared the reflection with others, but I also shared my favorite drink!
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