Day 67 – Winds

Start Luder’s Campground
End: Del Norte
Today’s miles: 63.5
Total miles: 1966.5
Splats: a few in the wind
Divide crossings: 1; 19 total
Wildlife: 3 moose

It seems weird to me that moose live this far south, but soon after leaving camp I saw three. Soon after that Tre whizzed by. I enjoyed a very scenic downhill to start the day. Jenny and Josh passed by before beginning the climb for the day. I wouldn’t see any of them again until my evening arrival in Del Norte in a delirious state.

I found the climb, though not huge, to be strenuous. I cranked up to the top with the knowledge that most of the rest of today would be ‘downhill’. That said, downhills aren’t necessarily something to be looked forward to on a unicycle (even though I do). Though I was able to put away some miles quickly on the descent, the seat, once again became unbearable, and my knee screamed. I’ve been trying not to complain about it since the last time I complained, but it’s still an issue and a little worrisome since it’s persisted more than a few days.

Today the landscape started to make some more dramatic transitions. I’m definitely excited to see what New Mexico has in store. Part of today’s ride towards the end was some of my favorite riding of the trip. The road turned much more primitive and I felt like I was riding a pump track. Eventually the winds became too strong though for it to be fun. The last seven miles into town took all I had; I could barely stay upright as I was buffeted back and forth in the winds.


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