Day 72 – Snack Shack

Start: Near Hopewell Lake
End: Old Abiquiu B&B
Today’s miles: 57.8
Total miles: 2159.2
Splats: 0
Divide crossings: 0

My goal this morning was to get an early enough start to be ahead of the others by the time they got rolling. There was a colorful sunrise and rainbow as I began riding in a light rain. I soon passed Hopewell Lake where the others were camping. I was sure to leave a good tire track in the dirt for them to see when they headed out.

Several miles in, I heard Tre call out from behind me. We rode together for a little while until Josh and Jenny caught up. They all moved on, but I saw them soon after, Jenny with her bike flipped upside down to repair a flat.

We all met up again at the Snack Shack where we enjoyed cold sugary drinks and salty snacks. Loaded up on sugar, I left to climb one of the day’s bigger ‘downhills’ (we call everything a downhill). From the top of the ‘downhill’ was a gloriously fast and fun descent into El Rito. Towards the bottom, the scenery, plants, and temperature changed quickly and completely. The last part of today’s ride to Abiquiu was paved, hot, sunny and windy.

Jenny, aka Queen Bee, had made arrangements for us to camp out at the Old Abiquiu B&B. As I neared the turn to the B&B I saw a note with my name taped to a street sign. It had directions to our sandy oasis that’d be our camp, and said they’d headed into town for dinner. I decided to pedal on to town to try to find them. Just as I came in sight of ‘town’, I saw Tre coming the other way. Josh and Jenny were close behind. I’d missed dinner, but they had packed out a burger, brownie and soda for me!

Back at camp we spent the evening enjoying food and wine while sitting out along the river that passes through the B&B.


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