Day 74 – Climbing

Start: Old Abiquiu B&B
End: Polvadera Mesa
Today’s miles: 23.9
Total miles: 2183.1
Splats: 0
Divide crossings: 0

Today we began our assault of what’s considered by some to be the toughest climb of the route. I found the road the road surface to make for interesting, but exhausting riding.

As I approached our proposed meeting point, I saw Josh and Jenny sitting on some big boulders. They looked very comfortable and I found it easy to sway them into staying put for the rest of the day.

For entertainment we went to work creating some roadside artwork. It had been requested (as part of my scavenger hunt) that I make a ‘mini muni’ out of found materials to leave on the trail for others to find. Our construction turned out to be not so mini.



Day 74 – Climbing — 2 Comments

  1. Gen, awesome natural muni with the found materials. Someone may evolve it into a bike when they come upon it.

  2. Good running into you on Sunday, and chatting alongside the trail a bit. Kerry (my wife) and I were on motorcycles and we saw you along the climb up towards Mt. Taylor.

    I read your post about the climb up from Abique. That was one long descent so I can imagine how hard it must have been climbing up that on your Muni. I am so impressed, and actually invigorated to give another go at learning to actually ride mine off-road again.

    I have a couple of pics of your here if you’d like them.

    They are also posted on the ADV rider forum from my ride report from yesterday.

    Hope the rest of your ride is awesome!