Day 79 – Big Push

Start: Grants, NM
End: Rt 41
Today’s miles: 69.9
Total miles: 2427.7
Splats: 0
Divide crossings: 0

Queen Bee and ‘It’s All Downhill’ made me wake up at 4:30 this morning so that I’d have a fighting chance at making it to Pie Town tonight. They were troopers though and woke up with me. Queen Bee even chased me down for almost two miles to deliver my rain pants which I had left in the room. I was putting on those rain pants a few miles later as it started raining.

Fortunately, I managed to slip between most of he rain today and was only subjected to minor, intermittent ‘sprinkles’. The road surface was decent for most of today’s ride and there were no huge elevation changes. Still, my legs screamed. It seems every day now is harder than the previous. It feels like my body is slowly shutting down.

I probably would have made it to Pie Town today had I not had to spend time fixing flats. Goat Heads (thorny organisms) thrive here and caused me three punctures. ‘It’s All Downhill’ suffered something like seven or eight. I’ve decided not to try to ride into town in the dark and will try to get going early to catch the Queen and Downhiller before they leave.

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