Day 80 – Pie Town

Start: Rt 41
End: The Toaster House, Pie Town, NM
Today’s miles: 18.5
Total miles: 2446.2
Splats: 0
Divide crossings: 0
Wildlife: elk

Woke up at 4:00 this morning and was riding before 5:00. The riding very soon turned into walking. The road surface wasn’t horrible, but I was still all over the place, partially because I don’t have good depth perception with my headlamp and partially since I was exhausted and mostly asleep – imagine a zombie riding a unicycle.

I arrived in Pie Town around 9:00 and went in search of Nita’s ‘Toaster House’. I was happy to spot 4 familiar wheels out front. Queen Bee and ‘It’s All Downhill’ hadn’t arrived until after dark last night due to all the flat tires. We headed to the cafe late in the morning for food and pie. I planted the seeds for staying in town and waited for them to grow. I myself was still planning to ride out of town, but was also entertaining thoughts of sticking around for the night. In the end we all stayed.

Tre arrived in the afternoon during a downpour. He had ‘tacoed’ (folded in half) a wheel out of Cuba and had to hitch off route to get a new wheel. Queen Bee returned from a trip to he general store (and Internet access) a little later. She brought bad news: rain was coming.

The rain that arrived with Tre never really went away. I’m very happy to be here rather than out in it. Had I moved on as planned, I’d be cold and trying to trudge through the adhesive mud. Instead, we’re warm and dry, cooking on a wood fired stove.

Many thanks to Nita for offering this sanctuary at just the right time. Nita raised five kids here, but now lives a few miles down the road. She leaves the house open to hikers and bikers to use and enjoy.

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