Day 83 – Sunshine!

Start: The Toaster House, Pie Town, NM
End: near Ghost Lake
Today’s miles: 65.4
Total miles: 2511.6
Splats: 0
Divide crossings: 0

Perfect riding weather today. It was cold, down to around freezing last night, but the crisp air and warm sunshine made for pleasant riding. A few remnant puddles and mud holes presented themselves early in the day. I promptly fell in one of them and covered myself in mud. It was nothing compared to what Queen Bee and ‘All Downhill’ had dealt with. We were able to get ahold of each other early this afternoon. They somehow managed to ride a century through the impassable mud. Their bikes we’re so caked in mud that the wheels wouldn’t turn when they pushed the bikes, which were also too heavy to lift. When the mud began to dry on their bikes, they had to chip it off with their tent stakes. Despite the mud, rain and some big mechanical breakdowns, they managed to push through and made it in to Silver City today. They’re kind of making me feel like a wimp. I recommend you read the harrowing tale on their blog.

The rest in Pie Town seems to have done me good. My legs no longer feel like jello and I’m not immediately out of breath whenever I try to move. I was hoping to do my biggest day today, but was set back early on by a malfunction with the handlebars. I’ve managed to keep them working, but I’m trying to be delicate with them.


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