Day 84 – Who knew?

Start: near Ghost Lake
End: Black Canyon
Today’s miles: 59.2
Total miles: 2570.8
Splats: 0
Divide crossings: 3; 27 total

Who would’ve guessed that New Mexico would be the coldest, greenest, and most flowered state (and perhaps one of the wettest). I stayed nice and toasty in my sleeping bag as ice formed in my water bottles last night. I was awake, once again, well before dawn to try to get a start as soon as it was light enough to see. It was cold, but I was finally feeling hardened to it; about time…

I couldn’t believe how green everything was today. I mean, I expected to be riding through 100 degree deserts through here, not 30 degree green grasslands and pine forests. To make things even more spectacular, wildflowers were blooming everywhere, adding yellows and purples to the mix. For much of the day, the forest floor and hillsides were blanketed in a carpet of little yellow flowers. I feel pretty lucky to be reaping the rewards of the rains earlier in the week. Some locals said they haven’t seen it this pretty up here in many years, if ever.

The miles went by rather easily today, a nice change. I was on track to do close to 70 miles, but ran into some issues about 55 miles in. Let’s just say that currently my seat and handlebars are half held on with duct tape. I feel quite vulnerable sitting atop this thing. Will have to keep a close eye on it tomorrow; I do not want the seat to fall off while I’m riding. It’s about 60 miles to town from here. I’m hoping to at least make it I the pavement where I may end up hitching into town where a new seat base should be waiting. My patents / rescue team should also be arriving there tomorrow!


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