Day 85 – Evac

Start: Black Canyon
End: Road to Sapillo Campground
Today’s miles: 26.6
Total miles: 2597.4
Splats: 0
Divide crossings: 2; 29 total

I managed to get a text and call out to my parents from the dirt road this morning. They were able to meet me and pick me up on a paved portion of route in the afternoon. We’re in Silver City tonight. Tomorrow, the part I need should be delivered, hopefully with enough time for me to get out and complete the stretch into town that I missed this afternoon.

The big news today: Queen Bee and All Downhill arrived at the border! They rode the 120 miles from Silver City in one go. Now they turn their bikes north and head to Tucson. Congratulations you two! Again, you can read their very entertaining blog (and get the real scoop on me) at:

Other excitement tonight: all you can eat China Buffet!

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