Day 87 – Wrong Turn

Start: Silver City
End: I-10 / 46 junction
Today’s miles: 59.2
Total miles: 2688.8
Splats: 0
Divide crossings: 1; 31 total
Wildlife: rattler

I’ve made it this whole way without making a wrong turn and on my next to last day I go the wrong way and end up in the middle of someone’s ranch with the dogs guiding me out. Ok, technically, this is the second time. The first happened on my second or third day, but I don’t count it because I was aware that I might be off course. This time I had no idea, and upon returning to the point of error, I wasn’t quite sure how I could have missed the rather obvious junction. I think I must’ve been facebooking keeping you up to date while riding. I payed the price for my inattention by having to backtrack and ride an extra threeish miles through sandy washes.

The riding was fast for most of the day; my average speed was up near 9 mph! My speedometer tells me that I maxed out at about 14.5; that’s fast on a 29″ muni! Back in Canada I remember my top speed being about 10 and thinking 8 or 9 was super fast. No way I would’ve been able to maintain that speed for any length of time back then, let alone over 60 miles :) Ok, enough bragging.

Today’s ride took me through yucca desert. The beautiful scenery was difficult to capture by camera (I don’t think I was successful). The twisted yuccas have lots of personality and cheered me on as I rode through.

Tomorrow = Mexico!


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