On my ‘Reacquaintance’

As I reacquaint myself with the unicycle, I’m finding myself pleasantly surprised.  Overall, things are ‘coming back’ faster than expected.  In fact, I’ve already tackled some terrain that’s more difficult than anything I’d done in my youth.  Perhaps it’s a matter of riding a proper mountain unicycle opposed to the ‘trainer’ unicycle I rode as a kid.  More likely it’s my foggy memory.  No, it’s because I ROCK.  You heard me; I’m ready to hit the trail right now!

In all seriousness, I’m finding each ride to be more and more encouraging.  On each subsequent ride, I’m able to tackle terrain I busted myself on previously.  However, the most encouraging and unexpected thing I’ve discovered, is the feeling I get being back on a unicycle, one I had completely forgotten about.  That is the feeling of being unencumbered.  I find myself looking around at the scenery, reading the mail on my way back from the mailbox, just kind of floating along.  Well, there is one sharp reminder that I’m not actually floating - if someone could please figure out how to do away with the seat, this would be paradise :-)

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