Blue Skies on the Blue Ridge

Went out to the Blue Ridge Parkway for a ride this afternoon. One of the very first cars to pass and wave was an old baby blue and white VW bus – I knew I was off to a good start! Had a few drive by photo shoots and u-turns too. Now I know how the deer and bear feel as the tourists slow down to take pictures! The difference is: I’m one animal you’re welcome to approach and feed!

While it makes me a little self conscious to think that everyone is staring at me as they go by, it’s also entertaining to see their facial expressions change with the realization that I’m ‘missing’ a wheel. One of these days I’ll turn the camera around on them to capture their reactions. I have to say, after riding a bike and thereby being a source of annoyance, fear and anger to many drivers, it’s a nice change to receive smiles, waves and shouts of support instead.

My one UPD (unplanned dismount) came as I rode through the Humpback Rocks parking area. I was doing my best to look as cool as possible (hard to do on one wheel) as I passed a group of college students (ok, mostly college girls…) Naturally, I encountered the one pothole in the parking lot. I don’t think they noticed.

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