An Overly Caffeinated Holiday Market

Me at the Holiday MarketI’ve had such a wonderful time the last two Saturdays meeting people at the Charlottesville Holiday Market and telling them about my ride. A big thank you to all who came out and made a donation on these chilly December mornings, and a very special thank you to Mary & David, and Donna for their very generous contributions to Polaris Project! And to all those who came out and donated BOTH weekends! You all rock!  (click here for pictures from the market)

So as the title of this post suggests, I found myself in very highly caffeinated state early in the morning and much more so by the close of the market. To keep myself warm I kept refilling my cup with the hot drink (perhaps I should have gone for the hot cider). Skipping lunch didn’t help me there either. Thanks to Edith, one of my market neighbors, I did have some very yummy and crunchy plantain chips to munch on. Edith has even offered to mail the chips to me during my trip and I may [certainly] have to take her up on that! :)

Me and the Sheep

My other neighbor, and stiff competition, has been a group of students and teachers from the William Monroe Middle School in Greene County, VA. They’re traveling to Ecuador and the Galapagos in June for a service project and environmental studies; they’re working to help create an elementary school library in the Galapagos. They’re the best neighbor I could ask for, but they have me outnumbered and are much better at corralling people to their table than I am at corralling them to mine… Plus they sell cute stuffed animals (see the sheep in my photos) and an assortment of hand-crafted ornaments and accessories (see the knitted coffee cup sleeve in my photos)…  The pin I’m sporting is also theirs…  AFTER you’ve made you’re donation to Polaris Project, you should go check out what they have going on at their blog: They’re a great group to make your SECOND donation to so that you’ll be a doubly awesome person this holiday season (hmm… I think I may still be a bit caffeinated…)

Me on the @$$ BikeAfter the market, I headed up the block to see Spencer at the new Cville Bike Lab, a “collaborative workspace for whatever bike-ness you get down with.”  They’re getting a lot of really great things going over there and I’m excited to see what grows out of it.  I even tested out an alternate mode of transportation should the unicycle end up not working out.  It’s fully suspended!

Tomorrow I plan to go on another ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway, so check back for my trip report!

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