Where have all the motorists gone?

This morning I headed up the mountain to Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. For being camera shy, I had a lot of fun trying to record myself as I rode. I can’t say it turned out very well, or that the results are super entertaining, but if you’re lucky (or maybe unlucky depending on how you look at it) I may be brave and upload some of it to youtube.

It started off with me trying to capture the reactions of motorists as they passed by. Unfortunately, it must have been too early, or too cold, because there were no motorists. I got tired of waiting for them so I turned the camera on myself. Also unfortunate, is that I missed the first and only driver to stop and make comments; he asked if I had ridden up the mountain from the bottom. I responded with an enthusiastic “NO WAY! -but I am going to ride it from Canada to Mexico?!”

So the ride ended up being rather uneventful, with the exception that I broke my personal unicycling distance record. Today’s mileage was 19.5ish miles and I have to admit that my knees and some other parts were quite sore by the end. I plan to ride at least twice this far everyday? and off the pavement?? and with a pack? Oh boy… what have I gotten myself into? :)

I’m not sure I want anyone to watch this, but here it is anyway…

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