An Explanation That’s Sure Not to Explain Anything

Ok, so here’s my brilliant idea.  I saw a picture of the Magic Wheel on 100+ Project‘s Facebook page and I thought, “Isn’t that a silly thing!”  Then I thought, “Hmm, maybe I should take one of them things with me for going down the mountains; could be worth the weight.”  Then, “Hold on… it has one wheel…. I have one wheel…. What’s stopping me from making my one wheel into ‘that’ one wheel for going down the hills?

Are you lost yet?  Well, if not, what’s to come is sure to lead you into the maze.  The idea is that if I’m able to construct a ‘standing platform’ on either side of the wheel, I can stand over the wheel, with my feet below the hub, while holding onto the seat [for dear life] in front of me.  With my weight ‘hanging’ from below the hub, balance should be improved and I should theoretically be able to coast (that’s how things work in my mind at least).  And with my brake, I should be able to control my speed.  So what I’d have is the beauty of coasting on a unicycle, without having to develop Kris Holm like skills.

So, naturally, there are some hurdles to overcome.  Firstly, I’d need to remove the cranks and pedals to coast downhill.  Why?  Well, on a unicycle, when the wheel turns, the crank arms and pedals turn – they’d just be in the way, in a big way.  So, I’d have to replace the crank arms, possibly with ‘freely hanging’ crank arms and swap out the pedals every time I wanted to coast downhill.  Another problem is that I’d probably want to find a way to shield my inner thighs (and other anatomy) from the rapidly rotating knobby tire below (read serrated knife / grinding wheel).

So there you have it.  IF I can pull this together, and assuming it works after put together, my life on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route will be sooo much easier (I’m not cheating am I?)

Knees rejoice!


An Explanation That’s Sure Not to Explain Anything — 3 Comments

  1. I think you are looking for a freewheel type hub. They are basically a hub that will let you ride forward but continues to coast whenever you stop pedaling like a bike. You just cannot pedal backwards unfortunately. I have tried to find ones you could buy but it looks like they come almost homemade. Here is a video I found that shows the freewheel unicycle in action:

    I think this unicycle is cool but seems like it would be really hard to ride downhill especially if it was off-road. Good luck though

    • Yes! Yes! That is what I want, except that I would want to be able to turn it ‘on and off’ so that I can pedal backward… If anyone knows of one that can be switched between freewheel and locked, let me know (not sure I’m using the right terminology there). I’d still need to rotate one of the cranks 180 deg. to get the effect I’m looking for (both crank arms pointed down), but that’s not a big deal.

      • Alright maybe you can put a unicycle and impossible wheel (apart of the unicycle family, on together. What I mean is that you can keep the unicycle complete but connect on the impossible wheel foot plates on the outside of your cranks.When there is a downhill you can just stand on the plates and act as if it were an impossible wheel. In order to make it work you would have to make the plates longer by welding on another plate to add length so that you could avoid the unicycle pedals from hitting your legs when coasting. I think this could work, but there might be a problem connecting the plates to the unicycle.