100 Clams a Night and Sculpting my Butt

A huge Thank You to Jay Dicharry [blog] at the UVa Center for Endurance Sport.  Jay was generous enough to spend a few hours with me earlier in the week, poking my tender legs, making me self conscious about my poor posture, and pointing out my lack of butt muscles.  Ok… in seriousness, Jay identified some current issues and considered my goals to develop a plan of preventative maintenance: an exercise routine that will help correct imbalances and strengthen my core for the trip.  Included are 100 Clams per day and some exercises to strengthen my butt, hence the title of this post.  I wonder if stronger butt muscles will help with the seat?  :)

I’m very excited and grateful to have Jay’s help in preparing for this summer.  His expert advice will make a big difference and could prevent injury that might take me off-trail.  I’m also excited to now be the owner of a big, blue, inflatable ball that Jay recommended for use in my exercises.  In fact I’m sitting on it, cross-legged and balanced as I type this (only balanced because my wrists are resting on the desk).  I’m not sure this is considered proper use of the ball, but it’s more comfortable than my wooden chair and I don’t see what harm could come of it, barring falling off or it popping.

Well, looks like it’s about time for clams!

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