One Wheel or Two?

That’s the big question right now.  About a year ago, I spoke briefly with someone who had unicycled across the country and an old flame was ignited.  Through my childhood I loved riding my uni!  The possibility of touring on one, and even riding the Great Divide on one, had crossed my mind but it had never been more than a fleeting thought and I had no idea that others were actually doing this sort of thing.  I was excited to find out that at least two others, Gracie Sorbello and Matt Burney, had actually unicycled the Great Divide Route – it is possible!

Over time the idea of unicycling the GDMBR faded; that is until yesterday when Jennifer Pharr Davis, an old friend and the new AT speed record holder (congrats Jenn!) who’s successfully organized several fundraisers made a recommendation: do something to set this ride apart from other rides.  Of course, the first thing to pop into my head was to get rid of one of my wheels!  I’ve put a poll up on the Facebook page so please go there and make your vote!  And I’d love to see your comments up on the Facebook wall!  Maybe you have a suggestion that’s not quite as crazy as getting rid of one of my wheels :)

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