The Woodcuts Are Done!

Shimizu Woodcuts has graciously contributed a woodcut entitled, “Gen’s Great Divide Ride” as a thank you gift to be given to my Top Wheeler donors. The edition of 60 prints was painstakingly printed, by hand, using blocks of carved wood that act like a stamp. To make the print, the blocks were carved, then ink was applied and the paper pressed to the wood to make an impression. The blocks were then reduced (carved more) and the next impression was made. In total, 14 impressions and 5 blocks of wood were used to create the 4″ x 10″ woodcut. Talk about a labor intensive process!

The first 40 Top Wheeler donors of $100 or more will have the opportunity to receive this beautiful woodcut! Thank you to my mom, Lynita Shimizu, for this very generous contribution towards my fundraiser for Polaris Project. Be sure to take a look at her other prints and learn about the intricate process at

To make a donation to Polaris Project, please click here
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A few other works by Lynita Shimizu:

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