Dare to be different!

As if simply riding a mountain bike 2745 miles wasn’t enough, I’ve been trying to brainstorm ways to set my ride apart from other rides of the Great Divide Route.  Why?  Well, mostly to help bring more attention to the cause and charity that I am riding for, but also because it’ll probably be fun!

The first thing to pop into my head (as mentioned in the previous post) was to get rid of one of my wheels – aka unicycle.  It’s actually an idea that’s floated around in my head for almost as long as I’ve known about the trail.  While I’d love to attempt this, and while it’d naturally turn heads, I worry that unicycling the GDMBR might just be too ambitious for me.  I grew up riding a unicycle and could do a few tricks, but haven’t been on one in more than a decade and never did any real mountain unicycling.  But if a unicycle is an option, is there really a choice?

Another idea is to turn the ride into a scavenger hunt, so to speak.  Donors would be allowed one request that I would try to fulfill at some point during the ride.  An example might be, “make a rock sculpture of a turtle” or “find tree that looks like a person”.  I’d try to make a turtle from rocks / find a tree that resembles a person, then take a picture.

The tea-trike is another idea.  I would ride a tricycle outfitted as a tea brewing station and stop in towns on the way to serve tea.

A few years ago I saw a film called, Take a Seat by Dominic Gill about his bike ride from the top of Alaska to the tip of South America.  He rode a tandem bike and strangers would join him on the way.  What a great idea!  I don’t think I’ll follow in his footsteps, but if you have a great and/or whacky idea, please do share it with me!

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