First time on a unicycle in 13 years!

My Nimbus 24″ MUni (mountain unicycle) arrived today so I’ve been out playing on the gravel roads and in the cow pasture.  The cows seemed to be pretty excited about it.  If I’m feeling brave tomorrow, I may take it out for a quick jaunt on some of the trails here, though I probably won’t get very far.  It’s coming back, but I have a long way to go before I’m ready to be tackled by the trail this summer.  And that seat is going to need A LOT of work!

I bought this unicycle to start getting reacquainted and to have something I can start practicing and training on.  At some point I’ll move up to a 29″ wheel which will allow me to go a little faster and will probably be the size I use for the ride itself.

Below is an action packed video showing off my unicycling prowess (just replace ‘action’ and ‘prowess’ with their antonyms).

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