Let the Training Begin!

Now that the Charlottesville Marathon has come and passed, I’m excited to move my training focus from running to unicycling!

I spent Friday at the ‘Running and Fitness Expo’ for the Charlottesville Marathon and had lots of fun chatting with everyone about my ride. I’d like to thank the organizers, Bad to the Bone, for providing me with the space for my info table. The marathon was sponsored in part by Miller Lite, and the ‘Miller Girls’ spent a good portion of the day next to my table asking every person who passed, “Have you heard of Miller 64?” I think everyone was asked once on their way in and once on their way out. That night, as I tried to squeeze in a few minutes of sleep before the race, all that ran through my head was, “Have you heard of Miller 64?” And through the marathon, “Have you heard of Miller 64? – Why yes, yes I have.” After the marathon, the voices in my head changed to, “Where’s my Miller 64?” I ended up trading my Miller 64 for a higher calorie Fat Tire Amber Ale – sorry ladies.

This was my first marathon and will not be my last. That is assuming I can walk again. I felt pretty rough after mile 16 or 17, but still had a great time. If I weren’t headed off on this crazy trip this summer, I’d start training for the next race. A highlight of the race was passing my group of volunteers / cheersquad, Meghan, Kate, Dimitri, Dan, Jeff and Syd who helped direct delirious runners and provided the best entertainment on the course. I hope you guys took pictures or video of your dance moves!? (UPDATE: Pictures and video below!)

I’ll give myself a few days of rest (until I can get up and down the stairs) before starting on a new training regimen to prepare for the ride this summer. Realistically, no amount of training can really prepare me for what’s to come, but I’ll do what I can and incorporate running (now that I’m addicted), cycling and unicycling. I’ll also continue my clams (see earlier post) and other strengthening exercises. My goal in training is to avoid injury on the trail. I’ll try to update the current schedule on the logistics page with an overly ambitious schedule in the next few days. Now to try to make my way downstairs to fetch a Fat Tire ale.


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  1. This is awesome, Gen! Even though I started as a runner and even wrote a 5th grade paper about someday running a marathon, I haven’t yet. You rock. Best of all – you had fun! :)