Day 1 – Grand Depart

Start: Banff, Alberta, Canada
End: Just south of Canyon Dam
Today’s miles: 27.2
Total miles: 27.2
Splats: 0
Divide crossings: 0
Wildlife: squirrel from a distance, about 100 kids, a big fish, chipmunk

The first day! I started on my crazy journey this morning around 8:55 AM. My first attempt to mount the uni failed (yes, there is video).

Over the course of the morning, I passed about 100 kids and their accompanying adults headed toward Banff. I was surprised to find out that many of them, both kids and adults, could ride unicycles or were learning! One little girl was crying as she pushed her bike. She got her feet wet in a big puddle and they were cold. I know how she felt (and will probably share her pain before long). When she saw the unicycle she started smiling.

The weather today has been on and off sprinkles and light showers. I can’t complain; the temps have been ‘refreshing’ and now I’m warm and dry in my tent. I rolled into camp around 4:30. At the first site I investigated, I found a large specimen of bear scat right in the middle of the site. Then I found a few huge bones. I think they must’ve been from an elephant or giraffe. I moved on in search of a different location. The site I’m at for my first night out has a spectacular view; I’m on the Spray Lakes Reservoir looking out to big snowy mountains. Though I didn’t cook dinner before getting into camp (good practice in grizzly country), I did walk a good ways away from my tent to cook, and downwind too, with the wind blowing out over the lake. I also hung my bear bag over there and have to say that I’m quite proud of it!

It’s about 7:30 now and I’ve already been in my sleeping bag for a while now. I’m pretty tired and have a few aches and pains, but nothing too concerning. Excited to rest tonight and do it again tomorrow!

Oh, I found huge tracks down by the lake that lead right up to my campsite. Good night!


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