Day 3 – First Divide Crossing

Day 3 – Divide Crossing #1
Start: Just north of Boulton Creek Trading Post
Finish: Blue Lake
Today’s miles: 36.5
Total miles: 97.0
Splats: 0
Divide crossings: 1
Wildlife: prairie dogs (or similar creature), 3 big rabbits with white feet, bald eagle

Before I left, my friends gave me a pack of ‘Unicycle’ cards on which they’ve written notes and inspirational comments. Well, I don’t really know if they’re inspirational because I’ve only looked at two so far… I plan to resist the urge to look through them all at once and instead look at one each night. Last nights card had a drawing of a prairie dog and a hammer, like those games you see at the video arcade where something pops its head out of a hole and you try to bop it. Well, early this morning I came across a colony of prairie dogs (or prairie dog like critters). I didn’t bop them. I hope there are no cards in here about making friends with a grizzly.

In other news, I made my first Continental Divide crossing at Elk Pass. Came across the first snow on the way up, but it was pretty minimal and patchy enough that I could just ride around it. One of the scavenger hunt requests was to do a cartwheel at the divide crossings. Here’s my first cartwheel!

Just after the pass I came across two hikers. Other than them, the only other people I saw today were two guys in a truck who stopped to ask if I needed any help. I declined and pushed on. I don’t think they quite understood what it was they were looking at.

The weather was pleasant most of the day, except for getting hailed on in an afternoon thunderstorm. I had just finally dried out my socks and shoes too…

Tonight I’m camped out on an emerald blue pond. The water is crystal clear, but the storm washed all the pollen out onto the surface. Still tastes good though! Spent what felt like 40 minutes trying to hang my bear bag. It’s way up there tonight. Woke up last night thinking a bear was trying to push over the tree with my food in it. Eventually I realized it was just two trees rubbing together in the breeze.



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  1. Thanks for the posts. It looks like you are having fun.
    Keep them coming and watch out for bears and giraffe poop. :)