Day 17 – Butterfly Race

Start: Woodward Creek
Finish: stealth camp south of Owl Packer Camp
Today’s miles: 36.5
Total miles: 468.4
Splats: 0
Divide crossings: 0
Wildlife: bird of prey with fish, lots of deer

Well so much for my early start and siesta. [edit: in the previous day's missing post I talked about waking up early and taking a siesta today] I was so comfortable when I woke up that I just couldn’t bring myself to get up and moving. Instead, I slept in until the sun started turning my tent into an oven.

It took me quite some time to get up on the uni this morning. I’d get up on it, get in a pedal stroke or two, then topple over or have to jump off. Eventually, I did manage to get going. The theme for today’s ride was, ‘slow and steady’. It was another scorcher, but there were no big climbs and I took ample breaks.

With the slow and steady theme, there was nothing too noteworthy about today’s ride. There were some nice views of the huge Swan and Mission Mountains. I didn’t want to interrupt my steady pace so there are no pictures.

I raced a butterfly today and I won. It came in from my left and I lurched to the right to avoid collision (I’ve been known to swerve for butterflies while driving). The race was on. I didn’t see it after a few seconds so I have to assume I left it in the dust.

Tomorrow I head to Seeley Lake to resupply. The guidebook describes challenging terrain for the stretch so if it’s getting late I may consider camping just short of town and heading in the following morning to save money on lodging. I should have just enough food to do that.

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