Day 21 – Did it!

Start: Lincoln, MT
Finish: Priest Pass (Divide crossing #4)
Today’s miles: 47.3
Total miles: 611.7
Splats: 0
Divide crossings: 3
Wildlife: huh?

I’m now in striking distance of Helena! I’ll head in tomorrow morning to get the brake worked on and probably spend the night. It be fun to take some time to explore the own a little while I’m there.

Today was challenging, but I just made myself keep going. I actually felt pretty strong though the last third of the ride. The fist half was taxing. I wasn’t feeling great (I think force fed myself too much food in town yesterday, again) and was sleepy. I thought I might actually doze off on the uni. I made it over my second and third continental divide crossings today and to the top of the fourth! I’m camped right smack on top of the divide tonight and was excited to find some Continental Divide Trail trail markers when I went off to hang my bear bag!

I’m going to keep this post shorter tonight. I’m tired and need to get some sleep in before I wake up early for the descent into Helena tomorrow. Much of today was just a blur anyway!



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