Day 23 – Cross Dressing

Start: Helena, MT
Finish: Helena, MT
Today’s miles: 0
Total miles: 627.3
Splats: 0
Divide crossings: 0

You guessed it, I’m still in Helena. This morning I went back to The Base Camp to see if any of the shirts had magically shrunk over night. They had not, but I decided to swallow my pride and peruse the women’s section. I, along with the staff member assisting me, were a bit lost for a while, but eventually he located the long sleeve sun shirts I was looking for. Problem was that they were purple. I was relieved to find some in white (not for long) and headed off to the dressing room. Wouldn’t you know? Perfect fit!

I then began a search for some zip-off pants. I was planning to wear the new liner shorts with my running shorts that I’ve been wearing in town, but I discovered that when I wear these shorts on the uni, I expose a little more leg than I’m comfortable with. So… that’s right, I ended up back I’m the women’s section and located a pair of zip-offs that fit pretty well. Now that I’m completely outfitted in women’s clothing and have lost my beard, I’m feeling like a very rough and tough man…. Hey, at least I’ll not be wearing spandex any more.

After Base Camp, I returned to Taco Del Sol for another burrito before heading to Hub Coffee for coffee and planning. At Hub Coffee I met with Clay who has a radio show on Montana Public Radio called Mountain West Voices. We chatted for a bit and will try to meet on my way out of town tomorrow morning for an interview.

Even though I’ve had all day to plan and get caught up with posting journal entries, I still have a lot to do before heading out in the morning. I don’t understand!

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