Day 27 – What a View

Start: Butte, MT
Finish: Mt. Fleecer
Today’s miles: 39.7
Total miles: 734.4
Splats: 0
Divide crossings: 1
Wildlife: 2 Elk

Wow, I just realized that I forgot to get my ‘free’ coffee from the KOA campground office this morning. What’s happening to me?

I left the campground around 8:15 to head to The UPS Store. Last night I picked up supplies to ship ahead to myself. It cost me $18 to ship a box with 3 days of food to the Togowotee Lodge near Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. I guess that beats carrying 8 days out of Lima!

After leaving town I began a climb up to my 6th Continental Divide crossing. I felt strong the whole way up and was rewarded on the other side by pleasant riding through spectacular views, followed by a fun and fast descent back to my favorite Interstate 15. I stopped often to take pictures today and to update the Facebook page with the day’s events. This was the first day I’ve had service on the iPhone throughout most the day, including tonight at camp. I wouldn’t count on this happening too often. Probably better if it didn’t anyway; facebooking while riding is a dangerous combination. And Internet in camp makes it hard to appreciate the Mosquitos and flies swarming around outside the tent.

After my speedy descent to I15, I began another big climb, this one up Mt Fleecer. I had planned on trying to navigate down the infamous Fleecer Ridge tonight, but the view from up top was just too good to pass up. I’m in a field of blue and white wildflowers with an expansive view of the valley. From my tent I can see Butte and the ground I covered today. Seeing it all from up here, it’s kind of hard to believe that I rode it all on a unicycle!


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