Day 30 – Lima, MT

Start: near Medicine Lodge Peak
Finish: Lima, MT
Today’s miles: 47.8
Total miles: 882.9
Splats: 0
Divide crossings: 0
Wildlife: trout

The landscapes today were, yet again, amazing. Nothing but me, a dirt road, sagebrush, and a few animals as far as I could see. I’m surprised to find that I think I’m liking this type of landscape the most so far. Or maybe it’s just that I like whatever I’m in at the moment the most. I also think that as my body breaks in to the abuse from the uni, I’m able to actually enjoy the ride more and more.

Most of today was a gradual downhill. That doesn’t mean that it was easy though! You can’t coast on the uni so my legs are always spinning, even on the downhills. In fact my legs have to hold me back from going too fast! My now functioning brake helps a lot with this. With the headwinds today, I actually had to pedal to produce forward movement on some of the downhills. (oppose to holding myself back from entering an uncontrollable roll).

There was a good portion of the ride where the winds turned to my favor, becoming a strong tailwind. I was excited to be able to sustain speeds of 10 to 12 mph for several miles! As I flew down the road though, I was distracted by Big Sheep Creek. If I were a trout, this is the river I’d want to swim in. As I rode I found myself peering into the emerald water looking for fish rather than paying attention to the road. I’m very surprised that I didn’t ride right off the road into the water. I did see many fish, in fact at one short break I counted 12 beautiful trout! I’d be feasting on some of them later :)

As I approached the frontage road and my favorite Interstate 15, two guys passed by and cheered. I saw them again on the frontage road into Lima, MT as I battled more fierce headwinds and a banked road. At the second passing, Gene and Roger stopped and we got to talking. They said they’d be grilling chicken in town and to come find them. Gene even offered me a place to stay, but I declined because I had a supply package waiting for me at the motel in town.

I struggled the last 8 miles into town; my legs were screaming for me to stop. I made it though, and while I’d planned to get a campsite at the motel, decided to splurge for a room at the last minute. I wanted to get out of the sun for a bit. I picked up my supply box (thanks Meghan for putting that together and for the extra cookies), took a shower, then headed over to find Roger’s place. Gene, Roger, and neighbor, Candy already had the grill fired up when I arrived. We filled up on chicken, potatoes and the trout that they’d caught earlier that day. It was delicious and they sent me off with leftovers! I wish I’d counted the number of times I heard them say, “on a unicycle!?!?!!!” Good times.

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