Day 31 – Resting in Lima

Start: Lima, MT
Finish: Lima, MT
Today’s miles: 0
Total miles: 882.9
Splats: 0
Divide crossings: 0

Took the day off to rest here. Two CDT hikers, Lint and Dirtmonger are zeroing here as well. Though we never met, Lint actually started his first long distance hike on the AT only 5 days before I started my hike back in 2004! Then, in 2006, we both found ourselves hiking the PCT! Small world.

Didn’t do much today other than sit around, do a little planning, and, most importantly, do my laundry. I ate my leftovers for lunch and for dinner went to try Mountain High Subs, just down the street. I told them a little about the ride and was offered a sub on the house. I was very excited to have avocado for the first time on the trip and had to go back for more. This time I also left with a huckleberry shake – mmmm… I really wanted to pay for it, but they insisted otherwise. Rick & Sherry, thank you so much for all the yummy food!



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