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  1. I saw this on Reddit today and I just read every daily post of your adventure.

    You are a true inspiration.

    Keep on being awesome.

  2. Friends and I where on Grave Creek Road the day you went by. Hooray you made it out of grizzly country alive.
    Ive never seen calf muscles like yours wow. we’re saying prayers for you each day of your trip. Be strong. Your very brave. skydancer

  3. I rode a unicycle a good bit in my college days (and will claim to have invented unicycle jousting), still have the bike (ike?), ride with my daughter once in a blue moon.

    And I thru-hiked the CDT this year, just finishing last month (November) in New Mexico.

    I believe this leaves me uniquely qualified to opine that you’re insane.

    But in a good way! Have a great trip, best wishes.

    Brian / “Gadget”

    • Haha! Hey, this is simply backpacking, but with a wheel… right??? You didn’t happen to be hiking the AT in ’04? I think I met a ‘Gadget’ in Pearisburg, VA while I was hiking through there (or maybe his name was tinkerer -not certain). I think I may have met another ‘Gadget’ the following year near Rockfish Gap just south of SNP. You either of them??
      Gen / “Magnet”

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