Q: Are there bears?
A: Of course!

Q: How long will the trip take?
A: I expect it to take somewhere between 60 and 75 days. I’m uncertain as to what kind of mileage I’ll be able to cover daily on a unicycle so this is just my rough guess.

Q: Is there any possibility for fans/fellow unicyclists to join you for parts of your journey?
A: Of course!  I’d love to have company for segments of the trip and to meet people who are following my journey.  Send me an email so that we can try to work something out.

Q: Have you ever done anything like this before?
A: I’ve done a bit of long-distance backpacking; I’ve hiked the Appalachian Trail, the Long Trail and half of the Pacific Crest Trail. I have not done any bicycle or unicycle touring but I’m approaching the trip more as a “backpacking trip with a wheel” than as a bike tour.  The fundraising part is completely new to me but I have a few excellent ‘advisors’ who have done things like this before and are providing some guidance.

Q: Where will you sleep?
A: I will camp out under the stars most nights (using my tarp when needed).  Perhaps about once every week or two I will stay the night in a town while resupplying, cleaning up and pigging out!

Q: What kind of unicycle will you use?
A: I have my eyes on the Kris Holm mountain unicycle with a 29″ wheel. I’m planning to add a disc brake to keep strain off my knees when descending. I’ll also be trying a handle bar to improve stability and increase on-unicycle storage capacity.

Q: How will you carry all your stuff?
A: Most of it will be on my back. I’ll try to mount as many of my water bottles (or other water storage contraptions) directly to the frame and handlebar as I can.

Q: Won’t you get lonely?
A: Maybe.  But I’ll probably make some amazing connections.  Actually, during my long distance hikes are probably when I’ve felt the least alone!  I’d expect this to be somewhat similar except that I doubt there will be many people going my pace…

Q: How will you get water?
A: I’ll have a water filter or chemical treatment option for non-potable water sources.

Want to ask a question?  Send me an email!