Training Plan

Last winter I trained to run the Charlottesville Marathon. I planned to switch my training focus to unicycling following the race, however life got in the way. I was in the middle of moving, preparing my business for an appearance at Trail Days, and trying to get my gear in order for the trip. I made it out for a few rides, but nothing that I can really call ‘training’. I think my longest ride was 24 paved miles on the Blue Ridge Parkway and, other than that, maybe a handful of 7 – 12 mile rides. I basically rode enough to know that I could ride a unicycle. Before the fall, I hadn’t ridden one in 13 years or so!  It wasn’t until May, about a month and a half before I left, that I received my fancier unicycle for the trip; it had a much bigger wheel, handlebars and a brake, all things I’d not previously experienced.  Further, I only managed to ride once with a fully loaded pack before leaving for the trip.  Sometimes there’s no better way than to just jump right in right?

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